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Westminster Innovate

We want to promote your initiatives.

What is it?
The ASW Innovate Fund was created to support projects that contribute to the education and improvement of the Westminster Community. We want to help you make an impact. Innovate Fund is open to faculty, staff and student applications which allows it to be flexible and helpful for special initiatives and large projects. Led by the student body president, applicants of Innovate Fund will also receive direction and connections to help them succeed. Led by the student body president, applicants will also receive direction and connections to help them succeed.
Approved projects will be required to send updates and photos to the ASW President.
Approved projects are subject to the ASW General Budget Policies and Restrictions.

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Past Projects

The Feminist Club and ASW brought The Utah Coalition Against Sexual Assault to Westminster’s Campus in 2016 and 2017 for their 40-Hour Sexual Assault Counselor Training. Over 30 community members have received this training and certification.
This initiative is anticipated to run yearly, and the training is open to the entire Westminster Community. It’s goal is to build a Westminster Culture that supports survivors of sexual assault.

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