Senate is the policy making body of ASW and functions as the legislature for the student body’s concerns. Senators represent students with similar academic majors and work on committees to serve the needs of students.

Speaker of the Senate, Gabi Sanchez

The ASW Senate is the policy-making body of ASW and functions as the legislature for student body concerns. The Speaker of the Senate is responsible for chairing Senate meetings, creating agendas, reviewing legislation, as well as overseeing senate committees. As Speaker, Gabi encourages you to reach out to her with any ideas or suggestions for change so that senators can work on legislation to make that change possible!

Gabi is a third-year student at Westminster studying International Business, with a minor in French. She was born and raised in Princeton, New Jersey.  She enjoys traveling, pizza, and running. Aside from serving as Speaker of the Senate, she serves as the Director of Budgeting for Latinx Club and President of the LDS Student Association.

If you have any questions related (or unrelated) to Senate, feel free to send Gabi an email—she would love to hear from you!

Financial Oversight Committee

This Committee is responsible for all financial related matters in ASW.

Stephen Hollis
Committee Chair
Junior Senator

Holden Rasmussen
Junior Senator

Mateo Zapata
Business Senator

Johnny Carr
First-year Senator

Student Life Committee

This Committee is responsible for all things related to the purpose of student life on campus, such as student services on campus.

Gabriella Sanchez

Committee Chair
Sophomore Senator

Grayson Massey

Sophomore Senator

Pace Cranney

Senior Senator

Student Initiatives Committee

This Committee is responsible for anything ran or proposed by a student that relates to the advancement of student opportunities on campus.

Cozy Huggins

Committee Chair
Social Sciences Senator

Nishan Khatiwada

Nursing/Health Sciences Senator

Diwas Poudel

First-year Senator

Education Committee

This Committee is responsible for reviewing all things related to the education of Westminster students during their time at the college.

Benjamin Jones

Committee Chair
Education Senator

Taylor Rogers

Non-traditional Senator

Abigail Rose

Non-traditional Senator

ASW Talks: Q&A with First Year Senators Diwas Poudel & Johnny Carr

What interested you about the Senate and made you want to run?

Johnny Carr: I was planning on double majoring in Finance and Political Science, and have always had an interest in government and politics, so coming here and having an opportunity to be run as a first-year senator felt like an opportunity that I didn’t want to let slide past. I have loved my internships with political bodies, and my time spent with student government in high school. And to top it all off I really care about the students here, and I felt that I could do a good job representing them.

Diwas Poudel: The thing that came to my mind when I saw “Apply for First-year Senator” poster; It’s not even a month that I am here; far far away from my family, in a new land which is titled as land of opportunities and I have a chance to grab this opportunity, be able to advocate for my friends, be able to represent them and be their voice on the student body. I won’t be getting a better opportunity than this to do something, to get involved and be the part of making positive change on campus. This particular thought made me run for Senate.

What is the most exciting, interesting, or surprising information that you have learned since becoming involved with ASW?

JC: What’s really blown my mind about being a part of the Student Government here at Westminster, is just how professional it feels, and how dedicated everybody is to improving our school. Unlike High School, Student Government ASW has the ability to really change things around our campus, with the resources we have, and the dedicated members of ASW, I really feel like we’re pushing Westminster in the right direction.

DP: The most exciting part till now for me while linking it with ASW are the days when I was running for Senate. Talking to new people every single day, making connections, sharing my agendas, appealing for votes and what not. That was the completely new experience for me to do tabling, campaigning and making people believe in me so that they would be happy to see me as their representative. Senator is a valuable position in a student body and throughout the campus. I had that sense before I ran for Senate. So, I would say most interesting thing is to get recognized by everyone around campus as a Senator.  Meanwhile, there’s a lesson with every other experience we collect. This journey on being a Senator and afterward, I realized that we don’t get everything for granted. We need to fight for it, we need to work for it, we need to achieve it. So, we are supposed to respect it and make it worth it cause you are not in the position just because of yourself but of everyone who supported throughout your journey till here.

What would you say to students who want to get involved but don’t know where to start?

JC: I would just recommend that they talk to someone involved in ASW, everybody really is there because they care about the students here, and the school.

DP: Speak up. That’s the key mantra. For anyone, who wants to get involved, do something, make their stand, speak up about what’s running on your mind. You don’t necessarily have to have a strong idea to get involved. There are lots of clubs on campus in which you can get into. There are plenty of resources to indulge yourself and you need to stand out and speak up for what you are interested in with someone who is aware of things on campus and can direct you to how you can achieve your destination.

What is the best part of being in the Senate?

JC: The best part of being in the Senate is being around all of the people involved. I also love getting approached by students, and talking them about what we could change to improve our school. Everybody has valuable input, and hopefully, with some effort, I can make the changes that they want to see. I realized that being a part of ASW making change does require a lot of work and perseverance, but it has been great to see that change around here really is possible.

DP: The best part of being in the Senate is to have the ability to speak up on behalf of the Campus community and have to right to make positive changes on campus. Moving hand in hand with the Campus community, hearing them, knowing what they are looking for and advocating those issues is what I think as the best part of being in the Senate.

What do you like to do in your free time?

JC: In my free time I love to ski, climb, play chess, read, and recently skydive. Just being outside, trying new things, and having fun makes me tick.

DP: On my free time, I usually talk to my friends and families, learn new things about web, explore Salt Lake and watch series.