Senate is the policy making body of ASW and functions as the legislature for the student body’s concerns. Senators represent students with similar academic majors and work on committees to serve the needs of students.

Speaker of the Senate, Vacant

The Speaker of the ASW Senate is charged with calling and chairing Senate meetings. The Speaker is an elected senator that is voted into their position by their fellow senators at the first Senate meeting of each academic year. This individual is responsible for carrying out the directives of the Senate, and for distributing relevant information to senators and the student body in a timely manner before and prior to monthly general senate meetings.

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                                                                                                Financial Oversight Committee

.                                                                                                                                                  This Committee is responsible for all financial related matters in ASW.

Senior Class Senator, Maya Rockwell 

Maya is a senior pre-med student studying biology and Spanish. She is originally from Washington state, and loves to play the piano and ski. Maya sits on the Eco Council, and also serves as the Director of Programming for ASW Events. She is eager to increase sustainability across campus and promote pride in Westminster.

Non-Traditional Senator, Ryan McLaughlin

Ryan McLaughlin is a senior from Santa Fe, NM, by way of Portland, OR. Ryan believes in being an advocate and defender for the student’s concerns, no matter how modest or grandiose they should be. As an economics major and a member of the Financial Oversight Committee, Ryan believes that our money should be spent practically and wisely to fund projects that directly benefit you – the student body of this illustrious college. He’s very approachable, and specializes in helping people find clever and honest financial ways to make money for (academically-related) dreams to magically appear as if out of thin air. Tell him your ideas! 

In addition to his limitless devotion to the Senate, Ryan enjoys soccer – go Portland Timbers! (and Griffins), seeing live music, eating all of the good food in Salt Lake, gardening, political activism, and modern art. Ryan invites you to contact him if you have any questions about ways I can help your improve your general situation, need advice on something local, or just to say hi!

Sophomore Class Senator, Justin Shadley

Justin Shadley is a sophomore from Idaho Falls, Idaho and serves as one of the sophomore senators.  Justin is passionate about his role on the financial oversight committee and actively strives to keep students aware of the senate’s ongoing activities. He enjoys working with students and voicing their opinions in order to help facilitate good conversations and governance. Justin is an economics major with a minor in political science and hopes to attend law school after his undergrad at Westminster. Outside of senate, Justin works for information services and is a member a few campus wide clubs. He enjoys spending his time running and mountain biking in the great outdoors of Utah.

                                                                               Student Relations and Communication Committee

Senior Class Senator, Graham Kennedy 

Graham Kennedy is a senior from East Millcreek, Utah. He is currently pursuing a degree in management from the Bill and Vieve Gore School of Business. On campus, he serves as a senior class senator, a presidential ambassador, and is the student assistant in the Office of the President. As a senator, he hopes to create a Westminster where students feel welcomed and supported. He has previously served as a junior class senator where he was a member of the student relations and communication committee, a Westminster admissions ambassador, and a member of the alumni mentoring program. He’s also done extensive work with the admissions and advancement offices. A lifelong resident of Salt Lake, he loves being involved in his local community, supporting local businesses, and attending local arts events. In his free time, his favorite activities include photography, writing, and hanging out with his Australian Shepherd, Kallie.

Business Senator, Chris Ooley 

Chris Ooley is a sophomore from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Chris is an active student on campus, as a previous First-Year ASW Senator for the 2018-2019 academic year, the current Business Senator for the 2019-2020 academic year, a member on the Westminster Thinks Big Committee, a student worker for both the School of Arts and Sciences and the Office of Admissions on campus, a member of the Student Relations and Communications Committee and a member of the Indoor Soccer Club. His major is Economics Pre-Law with a minor in Business, and his pronouns are He/Him/His.

Sophomore Class Senator, Cassie Hurt-McLarty

Cassie Hurt-McLarty is a sophomore student at Westminster College. She works as part of the Student Relations and Communication committee and invites you to reach out to her if you have any questions about ASW.

First-Year Senator, Eva Anderson

I am so excited to be representing the first year students in Senate! My name is Eva Anderson and I am from Boise Idaho. I am proud to be serving on the student relations and communications committee this year. If you find me campus, make sure to come up and say Hi, I am super friendly. Whether you have an idea to make Westminster better or just want to talk, I am here to listen. I hope we can make this year special together.

                                                                                                  Student Initiatives Committee

Arts & Sciences Senator, Aaron Smith 

Aaron Smith is a Senior from Eagle, Idaho studying Biology (pre-med) and Music (minor). His current role in Senate is to represent the school of Arts & Sciences, sitting on the Student Initiatives Committee, and acting as Parliamentarian. Aaron is highly involved off campus in volunteering with the St. Marks Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Utah Harm Reduction Coalition’s Syringe Exchange Program, and his non-profit Prepare For Your Care. Besides his roles in Senate, Aaron is involved on campus through being the President of American Chemical Society, an Honors Peer Mentor, Orientation Leader, and pre-med mentor. He invites you to contact him if you have any questions or concerns about ASW Senate or anything happening on campus.

Nursing & Health Sciences Senator, Holly Howe

Holland Howe serves as the Nursing and Health Sciences representative for ASW senate. She is a nursing major and works at the Dumke Center for Civic Engagement as the grant coordinator. She loves dogs and enjoys skiing, painting, and being on the river.

Junior Class Senator, Tyler Mann

Tyler Mann (he/him/his) is a Junior from Bingen, Washington, who is studying Geology and Environmental Studies. He enjoys skiing, climbing, anything outdoors, and also being part of Geoclub and working with the Geology Department. Tyler serves on the Student Initiatives Committee and is excited to promote student feedback and sustainability.

                                                                                             Diversity and Inclusion Committee

Education Senator, Jose Ortiz 

Jose Ortiz is a junior from Salt Lake City, Utah. He believes in making sure that we build an inclusive and welcoming campus. Jose wants to help the ASW Senate be the best that it can be and ensure we are hitting the wants and needs of everyone at Westminster. Besides being the Education Senator, Jose is also president of Westminster’s SACNAS Chapter and is a student worker in the School of Education Main Office. Jose is welcome to any and all suggestions and invites you to contact him.

First-Year Senator, Daud Mumin 

Daud Mumin is the first-year senator here at Westminster College serving on the Diversity and Inclusion Board. Daud is a first-generation Somali-Muslim American and an award-winning spoken word artist, public speaker, social justice activist, and leader. He strives to make his community and school an inclusive and exciting environment. Whether it is on a stage, in a breakout session, classroom, or front of the camera, he’s motivated to give the voiceless a voice by engaging in conversations that lead to giving you the best four years here at Westminster.