The Judicial branch of ASW reviews all club constitutions and enforces all ASW guiding documents. The branch is overseen by the Chief Justice whom is also the administrative coordinator to the President, mentor to the Senate and leader of the Judicial Council.

Chief Justice, Kate Pasco

The Chief Justice enforces all ASW guiding documents and acts as the administrative coordinator to the President and a mentor to the Senate. Led by the Chief Justice, the Judicial Council consists of four appointed associate justices and one judicial clerk. This branch gives the final rule on all constitutional decisions, can review any piece of ASW documentation, and assesses all new club constitutions.

Kate (she/her/hers) is a junior educational studies major from Tacoma, Washington who’s interested in public policy and excited to explore this passion as your Chief Justice.

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                                                                             Judicial Council

Associate Chief Justice, Marley Dominguez

Associate Justice, Natalie Boren 

Natalie is a senior studying Environmental Ethics & Sustainable Design as a customized major. She enjoys engaging with projects that include environmental art education, food equity, environmental sustainability, environmental justice, and environmental design. She is sure to peruse contemporary art galleries in her spare time and also enjoys participating in tea ceremonies, reading philosophy, working through formal logic proofs, writing papers, and cooking plant-based meals.

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Associate Justice, Laton Hansen 

Laton Hansen (he/him/his) is a sophomore philosophy major from Salem, Utah. He is able to pursue his interest in law and policy and through  judicial council, he hopes to better the school in this pursuit.

Associate Justice, Angelica Rodriguez 

Angelica Rodriguez (she/her/hers) is a first-year planning to major in elementary education and special education. She is from West Valley City, Utah and is very excited to be a part of ASW Judicial. She enjoys singing, watching movies, and learning about topics such as restorative justice. She hopes that through Judicial Council she will be able to help better the school in any way she can.

Vacant – Associate Justice

Vacant – Associate Justice

Vacant – Judicial Clerk