The Executive branch consists of the President, Vice President, and the Executive Directors. Executive serves to oversee the budget, creative projects and representation of student voices.

Student Body President

The Student Body President is the chief liaison to the Board of Trustees and board committees. The president selects and leads the Executive Directors as well as oversees the management of the ASW office and its functions. The President represents Westminster College on a local, state, and national level by serving on the executive board of the Utah Student Association and being a member of the National Campus Leadership Council.

Elected position

Vice President

The Student Body Vice President is the student representative within ASW, responsible for Alumni relationships and furthering the goals of the Career Center. The Vice President sits on several Board of Trustees committees and is responsible for hiring directors to assist with the student government’s responsibilities. This position’s duty is to actively advocate for and represent students in the internal campus community, in addition to assisting the Student Body President.

Elected position

Executive Creative Director

The Executive Creative Director manages all ASW promotions, and provides promotional assistance to any student club or activity. She acts as a resource to advertise upcoming events and student involvement opportunities––from a simple poster to a rigorous advertising campaign.

The ASW Creative team is responsible for serving as a resource for all of ASW and other school-related organizations to advertise upcoming events and student involvement opportunities. Related to these tasks, the team develops creative campaigns including posters, banners, social media campaigns, videos, logo design, and more. The ASW Creative team also manages

The Perks!

    • Executive Creative Director runs the creative team, serves on the student board, and is provided with a scholarship.
    • Involvement with ASW and school administration
    • An amazing learning experience
Associate Creative Directors

The Associate Creative Directors assist the Executive Creative Director in carrying out ASW Creative’s duties. They receive weekly design projects which require good time management and client-relationship skills. Associates are expected to coordinate with project leads in order to effectively complete each project.

The Perks!

    • Associate Creative Directors are paid up to 6 hours per week
    • Adobe Creative Cloud subscription can be provided
    • Involvement with ASW and school administration
    • An amazing learning experience
  • An opportunity to build your creative portfolio


    • Attend weekly meetings
    • Communicate with clients to ensure project satisfaction
    • Take deadlines seriously
    • Be responsive to the Executive Creative Director and other team members
    • Be creative and share your knowledge
  • Have fun!

How to Apply:

  • Submit the application below.
  • Show us some of your skills by bringing a few pieces of work that you are most proud of to the interview.
  • Send your résumé to
Executive Director of Social Media

The ASW Executive Director of Social Media will serve as the mechanism in which ASW releases its communique to the student body, and the larger Westminster community. The Director will coordinate between all five branches of ASW, determine strategy and implementation for ASW’s social media presence, and brainstorm methods for soliciting feedback and engagement from students. The Director will work closely with the ASW Executive Creative Director, and report directly to the ASW President.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Managing all ASW social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat,, and the ASW app
  • Working closely with the Executive Creative Director to determine strategy and implementation of social media posts
  • Publishing content generated by the ASW Creative Team
  • Creating a content calendar for all platforms
  • Analyzing and evaluate both existing and potential social media activities and strategies
  • Planning, managing, coordinating, and executing all social media programs, initiatives, and campaigns
  • Responding to day-to-day messages received by ASW
  • Establishing a mode of communication between all branches of ASW for requests for social media posts
  • Enforce the ASW brand guidelines
  • Participate constructively in inter-branch communications


  • At least a 2.5 cumulative GPA
  • Must be in good standing with the college

Pay and Hours:

  • $8.00 for 8hrs/wk

Director of Budget and Accounting

The Director of Budget and Accounting keeps budget records for ASW, authorizes all expenses, and reports financial information to the student body. The Director of Budget and Accounting also chairs the Opportunity Fund Committee.

Events coordinates, plans, and oversees all student events, activities, and programs hosted by ASW. Events aims to provide students with the best social and co-curricular experience possible.

Events President

Events President is responsible for planning, organizing, and overseeing all events, activities, and programs for the students of Westminster College and the greater campus community. In programming these events, the President works closely with the Director of Programming and their team, consisting of nine chairs and associate chairs.


Events Director of Programming

The Events Director of Programming works with the President in the planning and organization of events and activities throughout the year. They directly oversee the associate chairs of the team but work closely with the entire Events Team.


ASW Events positions available:
    • Athletics
    • Clubs
    • Community co-chair
    • Community co-chair
    • Fine Arts co-chair
    • Fine Arts co-chair
    • Diversity co-chair
    • Diversity co-chair
    • International co-chair
    • International co-chair
    • Marketing
    • Special Events co-chair
    • Special Events co-chair

Events Chairs assist the Events President and Director of Programming in planning all campus activities. They have the opportunity to work with the entire team to promote a fun and inviting campus community. They are leaders who plan exciting events and develop strong professional skills.

The requirements for the position include:

  • Attendance at biweekly meetings
  • Communication with the Events President and DOP to ensure that events are planned well in advance
  • Follow a step-by-step outline for planning events
  • Allow your creative side loose when designing how an event will run
  • Be a leader both within and outside of the Events team
  • Enjoy it!


Clubs oversees the function and creation of approved clubs on campus. Clubs is also responsible for promoting inter-club dialogue and collaboration.

Clubs President

The Clubs branch of ASW allows students to form new clubs and improve upon existing clubs. It is overseen by the Clubs President, whom coordinates service projects, facilitates advertising and helps students in the process of creating clubs. The President is also head of the Clubs board.

Elected position

Clubs Board

Appointed position | Hourly compensation

The Clubs Board will be chosen by the new Clubs President following elections.

Senate drafts, approves, and amends legislation which governs the structure and function of ASW. Senators represent student voices and initiatives by introducing and reviewing legislation through committees.

Speaker of the Senate

Appointed position

The Speaker of the Senate will be chosen at the last Senate meeting of the year.


Senators represent students with similar academic majors and work on committees to serve the needs of students.

Elected position

First-Year Senator

All students planning on running must attend a mandatory campaign meeting. Contact the Speaker of the Senate for more information on meeting dates and times. Typically elections and campaign take place in the middle of September.

Judicial reviews and enforces the governing documents approved by the Senate. The Judicial branch is also charged with reviewing and approving club constitutions.

Chief Justice

The Judicial branch of ASW reviews all club constitutions and enforces all ASW guiding documents. The branch is overseen by the Chief Justice whom is also the administrative coordinator to the President, mentor to the Senate and leader of the Judicial Council.

Elected position

Associate Justices

Associate Justices are appointed by the Chief Justice. If you are interested, please contact Kate Pasco.