The Executive branch of ASW represents the student body and coordinates with each individual branch. Additionally, the Executive branch oversees all advertising and financial decisions of ASW.

President, Obaid Barakzai


The President is the chief liaison to the Board of Trustees, leads the student board, and represents Westminster College on a local, state, and national level by serving on the executive board of the Utah Student Association.

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Vice President, Daud Mumin

The Vice President is the student representative that serves on the Alumni Board, sits on a committee on the Board of Trustees, and is responsible for managing the ASW office. The Vice President’s duty is to actively advocate for and represent students in the internal campus community.

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Executive Creative Director, Zaine Stetich

The Executive Creative Director manages all ASW promotions and provides promotional assistance to any student club or activity— from a simple poster to a rigorous advertising campaign.

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Director of Budget and Accounting, Paula Wang

The Director of Budget and Accounting keeps budget records for ASW, authorizes all expenses, and reports financial information to the student body. The Director of Budget and Accounting also chairs the Opportunity Fund Committee.

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