Eco-Warrior Grant

The ASW Eco-Council recognizes that student driven projects directed towards environmental efforts are an essential component on a road to a stronger and more self-sustainable campus. The council encourages Griffins to turn their research, class projects, and simply bold initiatives into action throughout the Westminster community by using the Sustainability Fund (Eco-Warrior Grant) specifically created for this purpose. Providing the necessary support and helping students access the tools and resources to bring their ideas to life is one of our core priorities.

The Eco-Council meets monthly during the academic year to review the applications for grants, and to discuss the progress of the previously funded projects. It consists of 5 members: ASW Director of Budget and Accounting, a member ASW Executie (usually the ASW VP is the chair of the council), an ASW Senator, and two environmental center employees.

Any student from any academic major registered for at least 2 credit hours is eligible to apply for the Eco-Warrior Grant. Students can apply in teams or individually. Teams must designate one main contact.

The ASW Eco-Council evaluates received applications within two weeks of being submitted (micro-grants only). Macro-grant applications are evaluated quarterly.


  1. Micro-grants can range from $100-$1,000 and applications do not require a specific deadline.
  2. Macro-grants designed for projects that have a cost exceeding $1,000 have an application deadline at the end of each semester. Projects spanning more than one academic year must include a plan for continuity. Consultation for macro-grant requests will be made with the Environmental Center.
  3. Only projects that have an impact in the field of sustainability, and that add value to Westminster and its students, will be funded.


  1. Quality of work plan and application
  2. Impact on furthering the sustainability efforts
  3. Transparency, replicability, and continuity
  4. Innovation and creativity

Please document your project including taking pictures, possibly videos, and writing highlights. Upon the completion of your approved project, please fill out the Eco-Warrior Experience Form (which will be emailed to you) in order for us to share your success with other students and document how grant funds have been used.

Each grant recipient will be assigned an advisor, if they don’t already have one, that sits on the Eco-Council. Each recipient is required to report on the progress for the duration of the project.

Questions? Please email

Eco-Warrior Grant Application


Once you’ve finished your project, please complete the Eco-Warrior Grant experience form.
We appreciate your efforts and are excited to see how the funds were used!

Eco-Warrior Grant Experience Form