All ASW Clubs

Accounting Club

The Accounting Club’s mission is to promote a better understanding of the accounting profession. The club accomplishes this goal by sponsoring guest speakers from the accounting industry and by organizing networking and social events. Through these functions, members are able to network with professionals, other students, and faculty. We also encourage students to give back to the community by participating in service projects we host throughout the semester.

Club President: Channing Porter

Admissions Griffin Ambassadors

AGA provides students the chance to share their Westminster story and give back to the Westminster community through involvement in the Admissions process. Students will also get to know other students who are involved and passionate about their Westminster experience, providing spaces where students can reflect on their education and the benefits of attending our school. Students will also be educated on the resources of the college. As much as the club is about recruiting new students to the college, our primary goal is educating the members of the club and giving them the skills to talk to people about what they are getting out of their education.

Club President: Sam Johnson 

Aeromanagement Club

AeroManagement club exists to connect students with a passion for aviation and business. Our goal is to learn more about this exciting industry and be a place where students can grow their knowledge in all areas of aviation. In the process, we offer networking opportunities, events which initiate potential for career development, guest speakers, and tours!

Club President:  Alex Clark

Alphabet Soup

Alphabet Soup is a club whose goal is to provide a safe, fun, and comfortable environment for people involved in, supportive of, or interested in learning about the GLBTTQQIAPPS community. G-Gay, L-Lesbian, B-Bisexual, T-Transgender, T-Transsexual, Q-Queer, Q-Questioning, I-Intersexed, A-Asexual, P-Pansexual, P-Polyamorous, S-Straight!

Club President: Etephanie Mercado

American Chemical Society / ACS

Westminster’s ACS student chapter is an organization for undergraduate students with an interest in the chemical sciences. Members participate in a wide range of programs and activities that enhance their college experience and prepare them for successful careers. Our chapter focuses on community outreach, and STEM education through volunteer at local schools and libraries.

Club President(s): Benjamin Beacom & Dan Devore

Be A Human

Be a Human is a collaborative project, that focuses on the reclamation of narratives often silenced or ignored. This is a call to action for the Westminster College community to stand up against ableism, racism, transphobia, and queerphobia. Be a Human is likewise active on Facebook, follow us there at WC Be a Human.

Club President: Ban Naes

Black Student Union

Black Student Union is an identity based club for Black, African, and African American students. However, we are open to any one and everyone who wants to join whether they identify as Black, African, and African American. We strive to build community and celebrate our culture.

Club President: Jared Winn-Taryor

Climbing Club

Club President(s): Brett Bentley and Amanda Sevigny

The Westminster Climbing Club will seek to create a community of rock climbers focused upon enjoying and furthering the sport at Westminster College

Cycling Club

Club President: Robert Swift

Dance Society

Club President: Cambri Fox

Discover Utah

Club President: Grace Gorham

We are a club that takes field trips all around Utah to get students off campus in a fun way. It’s also the type of club that every student can be apart of if you enjoy seeing all that Utah has to offer.

Entrepreneurship Club

Club President: Rodeina Soweidan

As part of the Center for Entrepreneurship, WEC is designed to provide a unique entrepreneurial environment for students to enhance their business skills, build a solid business network, create and run their own start-ups, and increase awareness of emerging global socio-economic issues.

Feminist Club

Club President: Nicole McKenna

The Feminist Club’s main goal is to heighten awareness about radical feminism. This includes discussing the common misconceptions associated with feminism, empowering all feminists at Westminster and in Salt Lake City, and engaging in meaningful service projects within our community. Our club values diversity, intersectionality, inclusiveness, and acceptance of all people. We specifically focus on incorporating the voices of people of color, the queer community, trans individuals, and the LGBTQIAP+ community at large. This club is also non-hierarchical, and the various chairs within the club are task-oriented and filled on a volunteer basis.

French Club

Club President: Tayne Helsel

In conjunction with the French department, French Club puts on activities relating to the country of France, its language, and its culture.

Geology Club

Club President: Garret Wilcox

A gathering of all sorts rock lovers, from the avid rock hound to the geologist-in-training, anybody who loves to hang out on and around rocks is welcome. A place rock nerdom meets rock climbing, hiking, and trail running. You do not have to be a geologist, just a rock lover! Come hang out with us!

Girl Up

Club President: Jessica Taghvaiee

The Westminster College Girl Up on campus chapter is dedicated to the mission of Girl Up, which is to unite girls to change the world. By “girls”, we mean anyone who identifies themselves as a “girl” regardless of sex, gender, or sexuality and who are adolescents (10 to 17 years old). We hope that through providing girls here in Salt Lake City and around the world with the security, support, and opportunities to successfully pursue their education, that we, as a Girl Up club on campus, may contribute our part in changing the world. We empower women and girls both on and off campus to join the United Nations and Girl Up in its mission of educating the world’s girls, fundraise for Girl Up, speak out to local communities in order to spread awareness, and advocate for the changes which will permit girls everywhere to obtain their right to an education. We fervidly believe that every girl, no matter where she is from, deserves to dream and have access to the resources which will aid her in achieving her dreams. Anyone and everyone is welcome in joining our mission and participating in the club’s goals and activities.

Graphic Design Club

Club President: Gabby Barker

Graphic Design Club is a place where anybody with an interest in graphic design can come to learn, to share/brainstorm ideas, gain a better understanding of what a career in graphic design entails, and to build a better, stronger design community at Westminster.

Griffins For A Greater Good

Club President: Elliott Parkin

Griffins for the Greater Good Club brings people of diverse spiritual backgrounds together to increase understanding, cooperation, and collaboration. We, as a community of curious students, come together to discuss our personal beliefs. Our activities typically involve spirituality, faith, and service.


Club President: Merritt Ruthrauff

Hillel for Utah strives to create an inclusive and powerful connection to Jewish life. Grounded in Jewish values, we foster a vibrant, open community with responsibility to enhance the world and to shape the Jewish future.

Indoor Soccer Club

Club President: Katie Saad

A friendly place where all soccer abilities are welcome to play soccer on weeknights.

Knitting Club

Club President: Emma Metos

LatinX Club

Club President: Natalie Saavedra and Mariela Vazquez-Gordo

LatinX Club provides a space for those who share a common culture to be able to meet people of a similar background on campus. Through the club, social events are put on such as dance lessons and food fundraisers, the club also aims to be politically active in issues that face the LatinX community, we also bring light to issues by having workshops. All are welcomed and encouraged to learn about the amazing culture.

Latter-Day Saint Student Association / LDSSA

Club President: Hudson Schmucker

LDSSA seeks to foster a community of friendship and support for all Westminster students by having fun activities every Wednesday and a whole variety of religious classes focused on Jesus Christ, during the week.


Club President: Max Black

Love Your Melon

Club President: Amanda Sevigny

Our club is dedicated to raising funds and awareness for pediatric cancer research and financial assistance to families who cannot afford it. We also do one super hero day per semester where we spend the day with a child battling cancer and provide them with memories that will last forever.

Mock Trial

Club President: Julie Norman

Mock Trial Team prepares and presents a fictional legal case at various competitions each year. The team gets to prepare both the prosecution/plaintiff and the defendant sides of the case. Students can act as attorneys or witnesses in this trial. Past cases have included a criminal robbery case and a civil accidental death case.

NAMI On Campus

Club President: Chloe Roghar

The National Alliance on Mental Illness is the largest grassroots organization in the United States dealing with mental illness and related issues. NAMI on Campus Westminster seeks to bring NAMI’s advocacy and stigma fighting efforts to our college campus.

Phi Alpha Theta / History Club

Club President: Abigail Peterson

“We are a professional society whose mission is to promote the study of history through the encouragement of research, good teaching, publication and the exchange of learning and ideas among historians. We seek to bring students and teachers together for intellectual and social exchanges, which promote and assist historical research and publication by our members in a variety of ways.” (Source) The chapter at Westminster College aims to promote local, national, and international histories on campus through events such as field trips, on-campus speakers, films, and other possible activities. We also promote student research opportunities to participate in such activities as the Westminster Undergraduate Research Fair and the Phi Alpha Theta Student Research Conference in Utah, among other research-related events.

Philosophy Club

The goal of the club is to promote and engage students interested in philosophy in entertaining and practical ways. This could include group reading conversations, movie or tv conversations, or general socratic dialogues related to philosophy.

Club President: Jon Carillo


Club President: Madison Todd


Club President: Bobby Bruggeman

PPHS is for students looking to apply to professional health programs, including medical, dental, pharmacy, PT, and others. Events vocus on providing advice and opportunities for students that will help put them one step closer to their career in health care.

Psychology Club

Club President: Natalie Saavedra

The Psychology Club shall be dedicated to encouraging critical thinking, global awareness, and deeper understanding of psychology and neuroscience.

Public Lands Protection

Club President: Eliza Van Dyk

The Public Land protection club will facilitate relatioonships between students and Enviornmental Organizations in the SLC area with the goal of protecting public lands. Through these orgs, students will have access to volunteer events, presentations, and enviromental contacts. The goals of the club will be to advocate for public lands and learn about the process of public land protection in government (writing letters, voting, etc.)

Residence Hall Association / RHA

Club President: Kelsey Laramie

The purpose of this association is to provide the residents of Westminster College with representation, participatory government and an accommodating atmosphere within the hall community. The association shall be dedicated to the promotion of harmony, diversity and a more enriching college experience through the intellectual, emotional, social, and physical growth of the resident students.


Club President: Brendan McKelvy

Local community service and involvement

Ski and Snowboard Club

Club President: Davis Lentz

We are a focused on bring winter outdoor enthusiasts together to meet new people, experience new things, and get involved.


Club President: Juan Gutierrez

SNOW will provide a community for nursing students, brown bag lunch events with speakers on special topics in healthcare, mentoring opportunities for the transition into nursing school, community outreach and volunteer opportunities and increased communication between nursing students and the Westminster student body.

Students For Choice

Club President: Ocean Chandler

To educate students on their reproductive choices and empower students to advocate for themselves politically.

Tabletop Games Club

Club President: Alex Boisonnas

A club devoted to tabletop and board games such as Settlers of Catan, Magic: The Gathering, Werewolf and more.

Theatre Society

Club President: Alec Kalled

We are a club that celebrates theatre and creates fun, campus-wide events for anyone who wants to join!

Tipping Point

Club President: Ember Bradbury

Aims to prevent and raise awareness of human trafficking and sexual violence.


Club President: Anisa Dahir

To advocate, promote, and initiate UNICEFs global goals and objectives abroad and within our community to provide protection for the World’s most vulnerable children.


Club President: Carissa Christensen

Club to raise awareness about and fight violence against women and female identifying people.

Westminster Military Association / WMA

Club President: Luke Childers

The Westminster Military Association (WMA) is an inclusive group that is open to all students, faculty, staff, and alumni interested in the Unites States military, Westminster College, and the surrounding community. We are dedicated to the social and academic advancement of all students, the incorporation of all faculty, staff and alumni as mentors, and supporting our student population throughout their career at Westminster College.

Westminster SLAM

Club President: Nicole Tyler

Slam poetry club / spoken word collective on campus

Westminster Students Advocating for Youth / Westminster SAY

Club President: Natalie Saavedra

Westminster S.A.Y. (Students Advocating for Youth), formerly WeCAN, is comprised of Westminster College students who mentor underprivileged and underrepresented middle school students at Granite Park Jr. High. In connection with the non-profit WeCAN, the club’s main goal is to inspire, influence, and guide these students to go to college. Furthermore, the club encourages them to see college as necessary and accessible, regardless of socioeconomic status. Potential activities will consist of regular visits to Granite Park Jr. High to mentor students, campus visits and college fairs — in which the members expose student mentees to the college atmosphere here at Westminster and further expose them to opportunities to excel in education.

Women in Aviation - Great Salt Lake Chapter

Club President: Emma Fox

Great Salt Lake Chapter interested in promoting women in aviation careers and giving them a support group as well as helping out with community events.

Learn More

If you’re interested in joining a club, feel free to reach out to the club president listed under the club description. If you have any other questions about clubs or want to learn more, please email the Clubs President at

Start A Club

Come visit the ASW office in Shaw and we can walk you through the process. Once you’ve created your club, ASW is here to help with advertising and has applications available for funding opportunities!

What to Expect:

Process outlined below ideally requires 2 weeks:

  1. Fill out a Club Proposal Form.
    – You’ll need 8 students’ names to support your idea and a potential advisor.
  2. Send the proposal to the ASW Clubs President, or leave the proposal on the Clubs President’s desk in the ASW Office.
  3. The proposal is provided to the Clubs Board to makes sure it aligns with the ASW Clubs Handbook.
  4. Approval or Suggestion for Revision occurs.
  5. When approved, the proposal is sent to the ASW Chief Justice.
  6. ASW Judicial confirms that it aligns with the ASW Constitution.
  7. Approval or Suggestion for Revision occurs.

Not part of two-week estimate:

  • Last Step! Founder must join a Clubs Body meeting with all club leaders on campus where the current club leaders must approve the proposal by a simple majority.