The Clubs branch of ASW allows students to form new clubs and improve upon existing clubs. It is overseen by the Clubs President, whom coordinates service projects, facilitates advertising and helps students in the process of creating clubs. The President is also head of the Clubs Council.

President, Katie Saad

Katie is a third year student majoring in philosophy with an emphasis in gender and minoring in history. She is passionate about encouraging students to act on their goals and interests, and sees clubs as an effective avenue to do just that. When she isn’t contemplating Aristotle or working in the ASW office, you will find Katie biking or skiing in the mountains, hammocking in the park, or kicking a soccer ball around with her friends.
As ASW Clubs President, Katie facilitates communication between all clubs on campus and serves to support them as they host events and engage in others both on campus and around the community. She encourages clubs to collaborate toward a common goal, and with the help of her Clubs Council she provides and connects clubs to the resources that they need to be successful.
Contact: Katie Saad

Clubs Council

Clubs Council Advisor

Ali Saleh

Ali is a third-year student from Norway. He studies Chemistry and plans to either go to Med-school or grad-school. He believes everyone on campus should feel heard, respected and included, which is why he chose to take this position on the Clubs Council. You may see him on the Dumke field playing soccer, or bouldering in HWAC or Big Cottonwood, but you will have the most luck locating him on the fourth floor of Meldrum doing some sort of crazy Chemistry experiment.

Contact: Ali Saleh

Julie Norman


Contact: Julie Norman

Rebecca Blanton

Rebecca is a second-year student who is customizing her own major in peace and conflict studies, with a focus on the connections between psychology, media, and global issues. She loves seeing students engaged both in and out of the classroom, and believes clubs have the power to impact not only Westminster’s campus, but also our communities and the world for the better. Outside of asking big questions about peace and working for ASW, you will find Rebecca meditating on her yoga mat, petting fluffy cats, graphic designing inspirational quotes, or just chilling with her friends and taking a break from the wild and amazing thing we call college.

Contact: Rebecca Blanton

Sam Johnson

Sam Johnson an Arts Administration major at Westminster college, who exchanged the Las Vegas desert for the Salt Lake snow. On top of her job at the Admissions Office on campus, she also partakes in being a club president and having a chair with the ASW Clubs Council. She loves to take photos of her friends and hang out with her fluff of a cat Sheldon. Westminster is her home and she is proud to represent it in any positive way possible. You can find Sam on campus, usually giving a campus tour, or being with friends.

Contact: Sam Johnson

Oliver Anderson

Oliver is the Director of Student Development and Training and has served as the Clubs Branch Advisor since 2015. Oliver has earned both his undergraduate (two B.S.) and graduate (M.Ed.) degrees from the University of Utah, though his love and commitment towards Westminster College is stronger than ever. Oliver not only helps advise the ASW Clubs President and Clubs Council, but also serves as a support for student club advisors and club leaders. On a lighter note, Oliver enjoys sunsets, ginkgo trees, construction cranes, and he just so happens to be left-handed.

Contact: Oliver Anderson